Multi-vitamin IV therapy designed for each patient

If you desire a personalized IV protocol to address all of your metabolic abnormalities, We will draw an extensive lab panel that will allow us to assess chemistries, vascular risk factors (including heart attack and stroke risk) and hormone imbalances. We use this information to design a plan to help get all of your systems back working in harmony and will give you a plan to keep you going on track after you have completed the IV Protocol. This will include diet recommendations and specific lifestyle adjustments. 

For those who feel they are in good shape but just want to be able to have the occasional IV therapy to get them over or prepare for a trip, recover from recent minor illness or just better deal with a build-up of the effects of life’s challenges we will gladly help you over the hump as well. There will be a small lab draw required to get you started but then you may schedule at will. We understand that some IV service locations will perform IVs without labs. That is either an irresponsible practice, or you are not getting much more than enough vitamin/nutrient content to change the color of the solution. 

If you have recent labs from another source we will gladly consider those without ordering new lab studies.

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