Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) Testing

Autonomic nervous system function affects the entire body. PC-8B equipment is an innovative platform that provides valuable information regarding your autonomic nervous system and Its potential degradation of function resulting from a chronic health condition. PC-8B combines technologies so multiple measurements are obtained in one painless and straightforward process. It also assesses the broad functionality of the autonomic nervous system in a few short minutes revealing critical clinical data that supports the earliest possible diagnosis and treatment. This test provides information about insulin resistance, endothelial health, cardiac innervation performance, peripheral neuropathy, small and medium vessel disease as well as central (aortic) blood pressure.

Currently, ANS Testing is deemed medically appropriate when a patient displays signs of autonomic dysfunction and routine laboratory testing and clinical data do not provide enough evidence for an accurate diagnosis. Early testing, that involves objective ANS assessment, affords us the best opportunity to treat disease proactively. The non-invasive nature of PC-8B ANS Testing (FDA cleared) Provides a safe, comfortable and convenient method of assessing patient risks and overall health as well as possibly exposing the underlying cause of some chronic disease states.

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